27 September 2015

Obsessing over shapes and patterns

At  the beginning of this month I was obsessing over two shapes that I drew so that I can fill out some empty space (in a drawing that I can't post yet because I used some new patterns waiting to be published in Ina's 500 tangle patterns) .I searched and searched and didn't find anything like them, so I named them sink and drop-simple, that's what they look like.
I came up with lots of sink&drop combinations ,in my two weeks long obsessing mode and now I'll be posting them as new patterns for my 2015 patterns page .Some already have artwork to go along with the pattern but some don't and I'll post those as they come. 

Here they are:







28 August 2015

Remembering old ideas

I drew this one long time ago ,in 2011, and had in mind to post a pattern but some how it got lost among other drawings.I previously mentioned that I was cleaning my drawer from all sorts of paper and found some of my older pattern ideas .It looks like I had a craving for donuts ,hence the name of the pattern.
Artwork for Donuts pattern

Note:Please link to this post or send me an e-mail if this pattern already exists by another name .

Blue Mandala

Another digital collage drawn with ordinary pen and a bit of colored pencil shading in light blue.

this is the template I worked on

21 August 2015

For those who love books...

For those who love books and for those that are about to .Here are two bookmarks drawn on a scraps of  pink paper .
This post is related with Ina"s big project and her book "500 Tangle Pattern Step-Outs".For now this is a closed Facebook group ,with lots of beautiful patterns available to the members.

I can't wait for the book to be published, I've grown impatient lately especially since she made me draw again.
I'm proud to say that I'm participating with few drawing but I'll publish drawings with patterns that are already out there ,in the Zenworld.
I came up with the pattern when I enlarged baton for the bookmark below

baton, kingbridge,prop


Garden - Gardenia

The word terrycloth is the newest addition to my lexicon.While drawing the step outs for my new patterns Garden/Gardenia I realized that I didn't know what this fabric is called in English ,now I know .Terrycloth in Macedonian (also Serbian, Croatian ,Bosnian ) is Frotir  and here is a sample image of the terrycloth cover which served as an inspiration for this pattern

Blocked like this the pattern reminds me of elegant and geometrical French gardens ,so I named the pattern/s Garden and it's variation Gardenia (nothing to do with the flower)

Note: If anyone knows about a similar pattern that's been already published please send me an e-mail or link to this post.