20 October 2011

Weekly challenge #44: "String Theory v. VI: Tangled on the inside

Basic pattern is derived from Struzzle by Jo in NZ 

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Basic pattern here is Marble one of my oldest patterns

19 October 2011

Patterns for tangling

Similar pattern can be seen on Alhambra walls

Arrow formation while practicing some  geometrical  shapes
Inspiration by different ethnic ornaments 
Something like puzzle piece but more uniform.
Also inspired by Alhambra wall tilling 


Older patterns

Marbles posted on Flickr on 25/04/2011
Archees posted on Flickr on 01/05/2011 

Clips/ Wings / Balance

Lotos / Oat seed / Open lotos / Tile / Arch / Chess

16 October 2011

Geometrical Pompom Dahlia in blue

Lava river  -  changing the landscape

Sacred geometry -Flower of life

Weekly chalenge #43 - Sunflower fun

Weekly Challenge #42: "HOPE"

Weekly Challenge #42: "HOPE"

Weekly Challenge #42: "HOPE"

October Circular Template at "Rainbowelephant.com"

August Circular Template at "Rainbowelephant.com"

Just tangling ,no particular idea

Tangle pattern refresher 7