19 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #100! "New tangles and a Diva Dance"

I noticed that I tend to do bluish drawings lately ....it must be the winter cold.This is made from  a scrap of blue paper and deep red 0.4 marker. Happy 100th Zentangling anniversary  to all  Zentanglers .

13 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #99: Guest Post - String Challenge v. XI "Looped Border String Challenge"

I made this drawing, with ball point pen ,on Monday but today was the day for adding shade and background .I like this looped string thing it's simple but challenging. Thank you Margaret

09 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #98: "UMT v. XI: Keenees"

Not much time for drawing this week ,this is my contribution for the challenge .The background on my first drawing is actually my own work but didn't have the courage to draw directly on it so I scanned it ( ha,ha) and used it as a background.

27 November 2012

Weekly Challenge #97: String Theory v. XX -"No Strings Attached"

As Laura says "string are tricky" and busy as I am it was a relief not do a string. I was going for a Zendala but I like this little bouquet and decided to leave it like this .

22 November 2012

Weekly Challenge #96: New(old) Tangle: Zinger!

  It was a frustrating month and half, I moved in a new apartment and had to do some renovating - which was not so fun . I'm breaking the ice with Zinger and It's been a while since I drew anything.  I missed it .

02 October 2012

Weekly Challenge #89: UMT v. IX: "Sankegg"

My first two attempts for this tangle , although I have it in my "library of patterns" I never used it before . I'm not happy with the second drawing,  a bit crowded , but I like some of the variation and where they might go. More latter ..

Introducing Prop my new-old pattern

I had some problems with this pattern- that is with getting the angles  right , I wanted symmetry, so I had to find my own way of  drawing it .I used a triangular grid for finding out which triangles work best -big or small ,for easy  freehand symmetrical Sankegg pattern..

26 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #88: "Official Tangle: IX"

I finally got the hang of it -pattern IX . I had  about  12 attempts  in IX-in, but a dare post only these .I also tried drawing a triquetra (Margaret Bremner has beautiful tiles with this little knot) but it came out weird and it looks more like horns. My favorite is #3 .

20 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #87: "String Theory v. XII: Pinwheels for Peace v.II"

I remembered how ,as a little girl ,I liked making pinwheels on a long stick and run with it.Great challenge! it brought  back some happy memories and  I'm in a spinning mood now :) only this time I'll fix my creations on my balcony - 3D ones

I think that this pattern is called Windu

15 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #86 "Break Free!"

I'm bit late with this week challenge because it was challenging  :)) .I don't use tiles for my  ZIAs so I had to improvise and made some tiles from an ordinary sketchbook.After that there was nothing, until yesterday when it started to rain and drawing was the only way out of boredom.In some pointless scribbling I found my first tile ( I guess I broke free )

05 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #85: UMT v.: Copada

With big effort :) I managed not to draw only mono-tangle tiles with  Copada - an interesting easy to do tangle that looks nice when tiled,also I threw in one of my own patterns

Copada and  Ondul wallpaper

Copada Zendala

Copada Ribbon

29 August 2012

Updating my July patterns

Well, it was about time I gather my 2012 patterns and publish 

M2 (very beautiful and NOT mine) and Inka


I decided to make a bookmark from this drawing 

Botie and Bran 

Biggified Zola and Stit

28 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #84: "String Theory v. XI: Blind-Sighted"

 Problem is that I always get confused when I have to do a string when the challenge requires so ,even more with my eyes closed. I was delaying and finally today I said OK relax don't t think too much and here is the result of me not thinking ha,ha.
On line 1 I used a very cute little tangle (bottom circles) called Drobbles by Cindy Angile

line 1

line 1

line 2

line 2

line 3
line 3

20 August 2012

Table top project

Recently I had an idea of making /drawing my one coffee table .I have chosen a rectangular wooden panel and what I need is the drawing .I have several  ideas and will be posting all .

1. Fanfares


3.Deep down


5. City-like


My new-old pattern Lirik inside the orbs

15 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #83: DuoTangle v. V: Assunta/Mooka

 Since a rarely throw away any failed drawings here is, the comeback, of an Easter egg that was left due to lack of idea at the time.

09 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #82: UMT v. VII "Brayd"

I love drawing braids and twists in general ,so I had lots of  fun  this week while braiding on paper.