31 May 2012

Congratulation for Ellen

I finally finished some of Ellen's Mandala templates . She has a very inspiring Blog ,there is always something new and wonderful .Congratulation to her on this round and beautiful number  25000 visits   so if you happen to visit my blog here is link to hers : Ellen Wolters




I made this template few day ago with Sumo Paint ( it has a very interesting symmetry tool and it's available in Chrome extensions ) and at first I had no idea what to do with it ,now I'm glad i kept it

30 May 2012

Inspiration back on track again

 Weekly Challenge #72: "Tanglation Nation - Crescent Moon"


Weekly Challenge #71: New Tangle - Pea-Nuckle


15 May 2012

Weekly Challenge #70: "Colour me Sepia" and Paradoxal Challenge

I was working on my Paradoxes in brown and red when Diva's challenge # 70 was published . Coincident  or not here they are :) without red color.


10 May 2012

What's in the Clouds

I finally finished this page for the Lineweaving Journal Prompt (adding some tangles) .I saw heavy cloud canopy that looked like mountain ridges . They had some deep grayish color but I decided to color them brightly

Clouding sky

Weekly Challenge #69: "UMT v.IV: Groovy"

Хоризонт/ Horizon 

I couldn't resist had to invert this drawing

08 May 2012

Спирално / Spiriling

My Spiraliscious adventure became more like my shell like adventure ,somehow every spiral ended as a shell.I do like the finished drawings but I feel that I'm not quite there, on the subject.

05 May 2012

Гулаб / Dove

Околу светот / Around the world