31 July 2012

Weekly Challenge #80: "Mi2! Mi2!"

I finally managed to do two drawings by the end of the week but ,again, I  forgot to post on time .

19 July 2012

Weekly Challenge #79: Citius, Altius, Fortius

I  love circles and I love the Olympics. I'm super happy they are in London which means - daylight games.
 Here is a link London 2012 to a previous post on this theme done as a response to a janeyb challenge ,lineweaving.com member 

17 July 2012

Weekly Challenge #78: "New Official Tangle: Auraknot"

Better "now"  then never ! I totally forgot about last week challenge 

 Bits an pieces of Auraknot combined together

 Second attempt came out great

I finally decided to try and do a Kolam drawing , but few wrong turns and it changed into a Zendala

16 July 2012

My first ATCs

At Lineweaving.com Ellen Wolters is hosting an ATC-swap BUDDHA. ATC is something new to me and I was surprised how much fun I had working on them.The whole collage thing was a bit challenging, because of the size, but I managed to work out something and today I'm quite satisfied with the end result. 
1.Sri Yantra Mandala
2.Bodhi tree
3.Buddha in the roots
4.Lotus pond
5.Teaching mudra

I still have to decide which ones will I send to Ellen.

05 July 2012

A !Easy pattern .... I said , simple , clear instructions .But, as it turned out  it was not so simple ,there are so many variations to it After few attempts I decided not to go with the grid but to scatter the pattern .My first successful attempt :

04 July 2012

Pattern exibit

I'm and will be posting some new drawings done with some new patterns made by me :)) if you like them, feel free to use them  following this  link Patterns 2012 .