29 August 2012

Updating my July patterns

Well, it was about time I gather my 2012 patterns and publish 

M2 (very beautiful and NOT mine) and Inka


I decided to make a bookmark from this drawing 

Botie and Bran 

Biggified Zola and Stit

28 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #84: "String Theory v. XI: Blind-Sighted"

 Problem is that I always get confused when I have to do a string when the challenge requires so ,even more with my eyes closed. I was delaying and finally today I said OK relax don't t think too much and here is the result of me not thinking ha,ha.
On line 1 I used a very cute little tangle (bottom circles) called Drobbles by Cindy Angile

line 1

line 1

line 2

line 2

line 3
line 3

20 August 2012

Table top project

Recently I had an idea of making /drawing my one coffee table .I have chosen a rectangular wooden panel and what I need is the drawing .I have several  ideas and will be posting all .

1. Fanfares


3.Deep down


5. City-like


My new-old pattern Lirik inside the orbs

15 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #83: DuoTangle v. V: Assunta/Mooka

 Since a rarely throw away any failed drawings here is, the comeback, of an Easter egg that was left due to lack of idea at the time.

09 August 2012

Weekly Challenge #82: UMT v. VII "Brayd"

I love drawing braids and twists in general ,so I had lots of  fun  this week while braiding on paper.