26 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #88: "Official Tangle: IX"

I finally got the hang of it -pattern IX . I had  about  12 attempts  in IX-in, but a dare post only these .I also tried drawing a triquetra (Margaret Bremner has beautiful tiles with this little knot) but it came out weird and it looks more like horns. My favorite is #3 .

20 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #87: "String Theory v. XII: Pinwheels for Peace v.II"

I remembered how ,as a little girl ,I liked making pinwheels on a long stick and run with it.Great challenge! it brought  back some happy memories and  I'm in a spinning mood now :) only this time I'll fix my creations on my balcony - 3D ones

I think that this pattern is called Windu

15 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #86 "Break Free!"

I'm bit late with this week challenge because it was challenging  :)) .I don't use tiles for my  ZIAs so I had to improvise and made some tiles from an ordinary sketchbook.After that there was nothing, until yesterday when it started to rain and drawing was the only way out of boredom.In some pointless scribbling I found my first tile ( I guess I broke free )

05 September 2012

Weekly Challenge #85: UMT v.: Copada

With big effort :) I managed not to draw only mono-tangle tiles with  Copada - an interesting easy to do tangle that looks nice when tiled,also I threw in one of my own patterns

Copada and  Ondul wallpaper

Copada Zendala

Copada Ribbon