19 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #100! "New tangles and a Diva Dance"

I noticed that I tend to do bluish drawings lately ....it must be the winter cold.This is made from  a scrap of blue paper and deep red 0.4 marker. Happy 100th Zentangling anniversary  to all  Zentanglers .

13 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #99: Guest Post - String Challenge v. XI "Looped Border String Challenge"

I made this drawing, with ball point pen ,on Monday but today was the day for adding shade and background .I like this looped string thing it's simple but challenging. Thank you Margaret

09 December 2012

Weekly Challenge #98: "UMT v. XI: Keenees"

Not much time for drawing this week ,this is my contribution for the challenge .The background on my first drawing is actually my own work but didn't have the courage to draw directly on it so I scanned it ( ha,ha) and used it as a background.