20 February 2013

Weekly Challegne #107: "New Official Tangle: Quandry"

Just one quick post tonight....

This is the drawing I started on Monday ,at first I was going nowhere with it but now I like my little arrangement.

14 February 2013

Weekly Challenge #106: "The Year of the Snake"

 I think I was a bit cruel with my snake in tile No#2 -pulling and joining tail with  tongue .I find snakes a bit scary but  according Chinese Horoscope,and I chose the positive side, they are very wise and beautiful.

08 February 2013


I like when  tangle patterns become small optical illusion as is Y-flip so I gave it a try .Many thanks to Helen Williams for coming up with Y-flip and check out her excellent video tutorial on how to draw this pattern. Easy to draw and wonderful when shaded.

Weekly Challenge #105: "UMT v. XIII: Dansk"

I couldn't get my head around this tangle and after lots of doodling scribbling this week  I think I finally got it  .Drawing instructions are simple to follow and can be found on Margaret Bremner blog

03 February 2013

31 January 2013

25 January 2013

Mandala night

I had the Zendala Dare #40 Template from Erin K.Olson for few days but had no idea what to do with a heptagonal Mandala. After a visit to Zentangle Inspired Art group on Yahoo I finally found my inspiration in the TOW project -Tangle of the week. As it happens, this week we were encouraged to draw Bales - which I very rarely use but being a grid a grid pattern it's perfect for my mandala

Bales Mandala

My third Mandala is a template from Jo in NZ and I have it since I began Zentangling.


                                                       template 3

23 January 2013

Weekly Challenge #103: "String Theory v.XXII - Moebius Syndrome Awareness"

A simple Moebius strip and I'm adding a new pattern - Tesali -new to me among all pattern is the ever growing tangling pool ,there are so many of them ,it's hard to fallow .Anyway  I'll be posting instruction later today .

I started many drawings since Monday and nothing worked either the colours were not right or the patterns or both .After all frustration  I decided to go with the tree I did last night (that would be Tuesday)

21 January 2013

Lazy Sunday

I was going through may old sketchbooks and found some strings that I started but ,due to lack of inspiration,left them waiting for better days .So, this one had only the left side (I was practising or reinventing weaving I  think ), and from there I upgraded.I mixed in two new patterns Squeezzles & Smubbles from Ellen Wolters-they remind me of a Checkers pieces.  

17 January 2013

Weekly Challenge #102: "DuoTangle v.VI: Auraknot/Bunzo"

Last Sunday  I was browsing through Ellen Wolters videos on YouTube and was thinking about trying out  Bunzo and on Monday I see a challenge with the tangle in question ....I was going to post the drawing as it was ,white background ,but I liked the combination with the watercolour paper and  here it is (it looks like a pond )

13 January 2013


I had some scrap yellowish paper from my quilling adventures and made two frizzed circles .

10 January 2013

Weekly Challenge #101 UMT v.XI: "Phicops"

We are starting the year with a new tangle- Phicops ,an interesting pattern that looks almost foldable ,my first thought was Sydney Opera ....
I didn't plan on using Tripoli but my pen rolled of so I had to hide and mask around but in the end it turned out nice.

04 January 2013

Christmas ornaments

Inspired by the holidays and some cold weather, my last week of year 2012 was devoted to  recycling ,there for not much drawing .Here are they ,my creations  .

Stacked newspaper and folded magazine trees - Christmas project from Martha Stewart