15 August 2015

Tangle patterns inspired from Letter Tessellations

As I was cleaning my drawers from old paper bits and pens and pencils and stuff I came across an old sketchbook ,about 5 years old. At the time I was trying to tessellate letters ,the easy ones.I don't claim to have invented those particular tessellations but at least I found my own way of drawing them out.Some are drawn on graph paper some are freehand drawn - my favorite way.
So , I decided to turn them into tangle patterns, since I had no particular inspiration for naming the them ,as a name I used the letter that the pattern represents.
These are not all of them, but so far ,they are my most successful attempts.

" FORK " 
Cyrillic letter Џ is pronounced like J in Joke ,Jane etc. and it reminds me of a sound fork so I named it  Fork.

"H" or " I" 
Depending on pattern orientation

It'a actually easier to do it freehand then it looks


E "

"K" and "И" are more block patterns

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