Patterns 2013

When I was working on my Diva's challenge #106 "Year of the snake " I found many interesting Chinese patterns but this one stuck .I'll be posting it as AC/DC because my steps made it look more like a circuit board .I wanted to avoid drawing those little crosses where the brackets join so I swapped them with circles - that makes it  more stretchable ..

.If it is already out by a different name please do leave a comment .


I was doing some pointless scribbling, trying some simple tessellation and decided to post this pattern that is very common in Islamic culture .I shortend it a bit and named it Tesali .



  1. I linked to your pattern on my site Folding Drifts. I spent the last week doing variations on Tesali and love the flexibility and design. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous21 July, 2013

    I've just stumbled across your site via Pinterest....great ideas. Now I'll just have to find time to try some! Thanks!
    Ruth in B.C., Canada